"Attracted to
Shiny Objects"

Sharon Donovan, a native of Michigan who sensibly transplants herself to Florida for the winter outdoor art show season, was born "attracted to shiny objects".

"As a child, my father would entertain me and my siblings by taking us downstairs into the basement and to make things. Doll houses out of cardboard, paper clip butterflies, and JEWELRY for
my Barbie doll!

"With glass pipettes and a torch, Dad made gray teardrop earrings and a pendant, on a tiny scrap of a silver chain. They looked a lot like gray pearls! With straight pins pushed into her head, my Barbie had earrings, and she got pierced ears before I did!"

  • Jewelry Image

    Thin Framed Brooch

    A sterling silver frame is filled with a woven array of tiny freshwater pearls.

  • Jewelry Image

    A Heart of Woven Pearls

    A broad platform of sterling silver, adorned with 14ct gold, supports a center of woven freshwater pearls.

  • Jewelry Image

    Rioting Textures

    A pleasing tablet of sterling silver is decorated with 14ct gold and random weave of white pearls.

  • Jewelry Image

    Open to Suggestion

    A delightfully thin open frame of sterling silver contains four quadrants of radiating freshwater pearls.